What is the Best Type of Flooring for the Basement?

When adding flooring to the basement of your Lewisville home, keeping moisture out if the top concern to keep in mind as you’re sorting through your options. While price is always an important consideration, if you choose flooring that isn’t moisture-resistant for the basement, you will likely have problems in the near future. But, what is the best flooring Lewisville TX has available for the basement?

When choosing basement flooring, a few things can help you make the best decision and get the flooring that works for your needs.

  • Remember, the harder the better when choosing basement flooring
  • Multi-layer systems work wonders in some rooms of the home, but not the basement. The more layers, the increased difficulty you will have keeping moisture away.
  • Choose flooring that appeases your needs. Some people say that carpet shouldn’t be placed in the bathroom because of the risk of water damage. However, analyze the potential of such damage to the time you spend with the flooring, and you will discover it is worth having what you like in the basement.

Always compare a few options before making a choice. There’s so many great flooring styles that you can use in the basement, so it is a good idea that you’re familiar with as many of them as possible. This is the only way you can truly get what you want and need in basement flooring. While comparing your options, be sure to keep the information above n mind. The flooring professional that you choose to purchase new flooring from should be able to provide additional information and details concerning basement flooring and the best choices.

The top three basement flooring types, according to the opinion of many professionals are:

  1. Vinyl Tile
  2. Porcelain Tile
  3. Wood